Additional Proprietary Feature Support?


I’ve been reading through the stpihkal and I’m noticing that a number of features that toys support aren’t implemented in buttplug-js such as Max with its airbags, WeVibe’s Vibration Patterns, even functionality to fetch data from these devices instead of just fire-and-forget type commands etc.

Is there a road-map for these extra features? Have there been attempts before and were reasons they were not implemented? I can already see potential conflicts with implementing too many brand/toy specific commands and trying to determine whether to generalise them or not (Eg: Controlling Max’s airbags). Any additional information would be helpful.


Yup, that’s coming, albeit slowly. Specifically for the max, that should be in the next released version of the Windows server and javascript library. The relevant PR is at

The plan is that we’re supposed to have per-protocol messages for things like Lovense, WeVibe, etc. The generic commands should translate to those per-protocol commands. Development just didn’t progress the way it should there so I’m trying to fix it up now.