Arduino Launch emulator (ESP32)

I bought a ESP32 microcontroller dev board. This microcontroller has BLE built in and gave me an idea. Why not make it show up as a launch so buttplugio can talk to it. This way i can use buttplugio with all non bluetooth toys!

This is just a proof of concept but it seems to be working perfectly already.


#include <BLEDevice.h>
#include <BLEUtils.h>
#include <BLEServer.h>

#define SERVICE_UUID          "88f80580-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b" //launch service
#define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_1 "88f80581-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b" //launch characteristic
#define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_2 "88f80582-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b" //we need this to fool buttplugio to think its talking to a real launch
#define CHARACTERISTIC_UUID_3 "88f80583-0000-01e6-aace-0002a5d5c51b" //we need this to fool buttplugio to think its talking to a real launch

#define PIN_STEP 25
#define PIN_DIR 26

#define STROKE_LENGTH 16 //stroke length

int motor_pos = 0;    //Current position of the stepper motor 0-100
int motor_target = 0; //Value that has been send by ButtplugIO 0-100
int motor_speed = 0;  //speed between 0-100

class MyCallbacks: public BLECharacteristicCallbacks {
    void onWrite(BLECharacteristic *pCharacteristic) {
      std::string value = pCharacteristic->getValue();

      if (value.length() == 2) {

        motor_target = (int)value[0];
        motor_speed = 200000/max((int)value[1],1);


void setup() {
  pinMode(PIN_DIR, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(PIN_STEP, OUTPUT);


  BLEDevice::init("Launch");// Name of the device
  BLEServer *pServer = BLEDevice::createServer();

  BLEService *pService = pServer->createService(SERVICE_UUID);

  BLECharacteristic *pCharacteristic = pService->createCharacteristic(
                                         BLECharacteristic::PROPERTY_READ |

                           BLECharacteristic::PROPERTY_READ |
                           BLECharacteristic::PROPERTY_READ |

  pCharacteristic->setCallbacks(new MyCallbacks());

  pCharacteristic->setValue("00");//random test value

  BLEAdvertising *pAdvertising = pServer->getAdvertising();

void loop() {
    //check if we need to make a step up or down
    if(motor_pos < motor_target*STROKE_LENGTH){
      digitalWrite(PIN_DIR, LOW);
      digitalWrite(PIN_STEP, HIGH);
    }else if(motor_pos > motor_target*STROKE_LENGTH){
      digitalWrite(PIN_DIR, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(PIN_STEP, HIGH);
    delayMicroseconds (max(motor_speed/STROKE_LENGTH/2, 10));
    digitalWrite(PIN_STEP, LOW);
    delayMicroseconds (max(motor_speed/STROKE_LENGTH/2, 10));
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Awesome work! We’ve played around with using peripheral BLE before to do emulation (you can do this on desktop/mobile APIs too), but haven’t really released much yet. Cool to see that you got it working for Launch stuff. :smiley:

Can I ask what ESP32 your using?

Guessing some thing like:
ESP32 2.4GHz Dual-Mode WiFi + Bluetooth Dual Cores
MakerFocus ESP32 Development Board WiFi Bluetooth
MINI D1 ESP32 ESP-32S WIFI + Bluetooth Module

Yes. They are all using the same chip with buildin bluetooth LE. So any of them will work.

I am not shure if this fits here, but create an Emulation with the ESP32 is something I tried out a lot but didnt get any results, probably because of my missing Knowledge :smiley:
My interests are more like emulate a vibrating buttplug and create something like an universal remote. You can connect this to all of your toys with an external vibrating remote to control the toys over the internet.
So you see it may be not really related, because it would be enough for me to use the official app like lovense, but wont say no if have a similar app to let your Partner control your vibrations, but i didnt found something similar like this instead of here.
Do you have any kind of tutorial on how to emulate something so the app or program thinks your ESP32 ist an actual device?

Yeah we’re hoping to get an online service going with Buttplug/Intiface at some point. I just have to stop rewriting the core library over and over first.

Couldn’t they use ?