Bluetooth connection loss PC


I just got my launch and tried to use it with ScriptPlayer. It will link up but it will just lose connection after a few min even if you dont move it at all i have the strange thing is without the Player running i can walk 20 feet away and it stays connected to the PC any ideals?


o and i checked my launch came with firmware 1.3 i checked it already


Ok so i got it to work a little better by unplugging my vive, uninstalling Bluetooth drivers, and reinstalling but still get connection lost and scriptplayer crash after it happens what dongles do you all use and what is the range trying to fig out if the BT on the launch ant very good or is it another issue?


The product you posted in your first post was a wifi card, not a bluetooth adapter, so that’s not what’s connecting to your Launch.

We normally recommend this adapter:


sorry linked the wrong one