Buttplug C# v0.1.2 Released


New version of the Buttplug C# App Suite is out! We had a short lived v0.1.1 release that I yanked due to a bug, but v0.1.2 seems to work ok. :slight_smile:


  • Added auto update and update checking functionality
  • Added support for the following hardware
    • WeVibe 4 Plus, Ditto, Nova, Pivot, Wish, Verge
    • Lovense Domi
  • Added more product names for the Lovense Hush (LVS-Z36, LVS_Z001)
  • Added Game Vibration Router application
  • WebsocketServer now defaults to SSL


  • Fixed hang when no XBox controllers and no Bluetooth adapters are
  • SSL Errors in Websocket Server are now shown in GUI or as a
    notification, not in modal dialogs
  • Fixed ObjectDisposed Exception in Kiiroo App
  • Fixed port number changing in Websocket Server
  • Fixed crash when copying IP addresses in Websocket Server
  • Fixed version number listing in logs
  • Vibratissimo devices now required to be named “Vibratissimo”


I’m getting some sort of race/loop condition when I try to discover a We-Vibe 4+ from ScriptPlayer via Buttplug - the buttplug log file fills up with lines saying its found a Vibratissimo Cougar


Huh, I just tried connecting my WeVibe 4+ using the device panel in the Kiiroo Emulator and am not seeing that, it just connects as a WeVibe. Can you save a copy of the log and send it to me in a private message on here?