Buttplug Features You'd Like To See?


After hyping buttplug for as long as I have, I’m pretty sure I’ve inspired a lot of dreaming. So once the software is available, what would you like to be able to do with it?


can we code, new vids of motion from xbox controller? for fast generating new cue’s
like x/y for speed or motion handling
or just press some button to place up/down action point or something…

would help create new clips fast


That’s a really good idea! I’ll see about integrating that into the encoder in syncydink once I get to that point.


Great ideas in here so far. After playing with the software and virtualrealplayer a bit last night, I have to say I am very impressed in its current state. I need to solve some stuttering issues with virtualrealplayer itself, but that has nothing to do with your software.

As for a feature I would love to see down the road: I love porn music videos, if there were any way for the software to be able to send commands based on bpm and rhythm that would be amazing. More so if it could change position and stroke length as well as speed.

Would also love a true random mode that switched things up a bit, maybe at different intervals.

Anyways, I think I am now your biggest fan and believer. Keep up the good work.


Mac OSX support for Mac owners…


Any specific toys for this? I’m about to start work on the webbluetooth version of the server, which should support all bluetooth le toys via chrome on mac/linux/android/chrome os.


Ability to add command delay time.

Currently the VirtualRealPorn Oculus App sends a 500ms command delay to the kiiroo application when initializing, so using it with the current buttplug emulator causes a notable synchronization issue.

I tested to make sure and found that if I added that delay before invoking the message in another task it made the a huge difference between the VirtualRealPorn App and the Launch. (This is probably a bad way to do it, but it was a quick test)

I’m not sure if other applications for Kiiroo devices use the delay option but I realized this when trying to figure out why all of the videos I tried were off sync.


Wow, thanks! I actually have a bug for this, though completely by coincidence:

I created that bug because I thought we could possibly do server side message queuing in high latency situations, and didn’t think it’d be needed any time soon. Guess there’s more reasons than I thought.

Just curious, where is the delay option sent in the Kiiroo negotiation? Is it sent to a certain REST endpoint on the kiiroo platform or something?


Ok, thanks to @funjack pointing out I’d already documented this in the protocol docs I forgot I wrote:


I thought /status was a GET only endpoint, are you seeing POSTs there too?

Also, I created a github bug for this: https://github.com/metafetish/buttplug-csharp/issues/133


I’m trying to hunt it down right now. For the life of me I forgot where I noticed it. I ran fiddler right now but didn’t see the delay set anywhere. It made a huge difference for me, so if someone wants to also confirm it does the trick, then that would be great. It may be something with the virtual real porn app on my computer, but they delay resolved it for me.


Ok, I found my mitmproxy flows for vrp login and have that replaying now, so I can use VRP with my oculus and the Kiiroo Platform now. However, I’m not seeing any changes in delay on calls to the /status endpoint. It’s always 0.

What VRP movie are you using when you see the delay?


A feature id like to see is vibration (or stroke or whatever depending on toy) that is controlled by exitement level. Maybe hard to do since that kind of input is tricky. Im thinking along the lines of using one of the many training products for measuring pulse and what not as input.

Seen other DIY projects that used inflatable butt toys and preassure sensor to measure sphincter contractions and stuff like that but i imagine that would be a very distant thing to implement since it requires external “not of the shelf” stuff to be doable.

Just dropping it here as an idea though :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh, good idea, thanks! I’m guessing you’re talking about the Nogasm (http://orgasmscience.com), right? Creator of that is a friend of Metafetish. :smiley:

We’ve been talking about ways to try and connect DIY projects into Buttplug, possibly by making some sort of generic device based on Firmata, or else something that’s just a passthru to some sort of socket. As someone who used to reverse engineer a lot of health stuff (http://openyou.org) and has been promoting biometric sex toys for years, I would totally love to see that happen on this platform. Just gotta figure out how. :slight_smile:


I see syncydink is live, but it requires a Windows exe to work? :frowning:


Yeah, Linux/macOS/Chrome/Android are coming soon, in the form of WebBluetooth bindings so we can at least support webapps and bluetooth toys (with no installation whatsoever :smiley: ), then as a native application. We just had to pick a platform to go with first and Windows was probably where we’re going to get the most traction off the bat, and there’s no webbluetooth there yet, hence the native C# server.

iOS is still up in the air, we’ve got some plans and code for it, but that’s going to take more than just development work due to the app store.


If possible could there be keyboard shortcuts to swap between controls on Playground and cursor keys to move sliders? This would simplify making voice commands drive the controls through the MVC LINKS software. I think I can probably link the two together in some other way from my end, but keystrokes seem the most straightforward if it were possible.