Buttplug-py / lush2 - connection gets lost after inactivity


thanks for this awesome library… :+1:

i just managed to run initface on my linux desktop and to pair it via buttplug-py with my lush2. After the lush is turned on (or the python script is started) it immediately gets the connected device from initface and does the test vibration.

so far so good :slight_smile:

unfortunately, after some idle time (meaning, i do nothing… no button push on the lush, no disconnect from python, no initface changes) initface send this to the python client:

Log(log_level=‘Info’, log_message=‘DeviceManager: Device Removed: Lovense Lush v123 (0)’)

the time until this happens varies… from a few seconds, up to 60… but it never stays connected longer.

im aware that initface, as much as buttplug-py, is in the development stage… but somehow this is sad. i would like to extend the python script to communicate with a websocket client in order to send vibration requests of certain intensities and durations…

but as it seems to me, the fault is at the initface side :confused: thus, before i start to get to work:

is this ‘disconnecting issue’ known to you guys?
is there a chance to avoid it by operating from windows/osx?
are there any other workarounds?

or maybe im just doing things wrongly? any help would be greatly appreciated!

ps.: running from linux mint 19, with built in BT from an intel skull, with simple websocket on local machine

pss.: console output: https://pastebin.com/eSQrRUxG

psss.: another interesting thing is, that as soon as it lost the connection once… there is no way to make initface find the lush again without restarting the server.

thank you!

That sounds like it might be your bluetooth timing out. Some bluetooth radios have a “power save” mode where they’ll just drop connections after a certain period of idleness. I ran into that with Insignia dongles.

If you can spare $10-15, I’d recommend getting a USB bluetooth dongle and seeing if that fixes it. I usually recommend this one:

thanks, ill will give it a try! :slight_smile: