Buttplug: Scriptplayer increase range Fleshlight Launch


I am using Scriptplayer together with buttplug to operate Fleshlight launch to funscripts.
I am wondering if it’s possible to increase the range from the default max 90 (5-95) in the buttplug application.

I found the range variables for buttplug at this Github page :
Github buttplug protocol link

I looked around on the Github pages in search for a way to do this but I can’t find a way.

I read about the range limit being set on purpose to prevent hitting the mechanical movement limit,
I have experimented with increasing the range with another application a bit and that worked quite well, I was hoping it would be possible with buttplug too.

A little extra range in scriptplayer would be very cool. :slight_smile:

Why not just use the Launch capabilities built into ScriptPlayer? You don’t need Buttplug/Intiface for that.

Hello, I have tried using the connect Launch directly method as well. I am not sure which is to prefer, they seem to perform the same for me, both work without issues.

I have measured the range distance with both connection metods and they are equal.

I will look in the ScriptPlayer Github files and see if I can figure something out.