Can`t Connect Launch To Scriptplayer

I tried to connect Fleshlight launch to script player, but since I hit [Devices]-[connect launch directly], the player didn’t find the device at all.
I also tried to connect bia Buttplug, but it couldn’t find launch either.
(I check the log and it was stopped finding devices by timeout)

Here are some other facts
•OS : Windows 10 and version 17763.1 / 1809
•I use Bluetooth dongle that support 4.0 BLE (CSR)
•I could connect launch to PC by Bluetooth dongle
•I deleted device from PC once when it was already paired to PC before trying with Buttplug
•firmware version is already updated to 1.3
•I also went and completed settings, and succeeded to connect browser to server, but device was not appeared during scanning.

Is there Any suggestion?
Please help me.