Cannot Find We-vibe Classic in Buttplug Server


For my first attempt with the Buttplug server, I’m trying to connect a We-vibe classic. My PC is able to find the classic (appears as Classic under “Other Devices” in the Windows 10 settings,) but the Buttplug Interactive Tutorial and the Game Vibration Router do not see it. There are able to see the Xbox One controller I have connected via Bluetooth, and the Interactive Tutorial is able to send the 1 second pulse to the controller. Any idea what I’m missing here?

Windows 10 Home Verison 1803 Build 17134.165
Bluetooth 4.0


Do you have the WeVibe classic paired to Windows? If you do, you will need to unpair it. If windows is paired with a toy, we can’t see it.


Not paired, just visible when searching for a Bluetooth device.


Ok, so that most likely means we don’t have the name in our software, so our software doesn’t know what to search for. That’s a pretty common problem for us 'cause try as we might, we don’t own every bluetooth controllable toy yet. :slight_smile:

So, just to confirm, it just shows up as “Classic”, right?


That is correct. “Classic.”


Ok, well, our code was looking for “classic”. Oops. :smile:

Here’s a new installer that should work with your WeVibe. Give it a shot, let me know if it works for you.


With the update installed, I reran the tutorial and the Classic was found. I was able to send the 1 second vibration command though the tutorial as well.


Awesome! I’ll add this to our next release then.


Great! Any idea on a timeframe for the next release? I have a couple of items in my Steam collection I would like to test this with.


We’ve got another small bit of toy support coming in early this week, so maybe mid-late this week? If you have someone you want to test this functionality with, you can always direct them to the CI build too.