Can't get Vr to work on android


I can’t seem to get Syncydink to play in VR. Launch connects but when I switch to VR, video shows up but cent get it to play. Am I missing a step. 2d/VR plays but when I hit the cardboard goggles video shows up but cant get it to play…


(This may be of no help, if so I apologize)
Scriptplayer now works with samsungs mobile Gear VR. If you have a compatible phone, maybe try that?

If not, a bit more info and someone might be able to help you:
What browser are you using? (Presuming chrome which should be fine)
What phone do you have?
Which tasty sounding android version are you using?
What is the videos filetype?
What is the matching Haptics filetype?

I only used 2d videos up until the other day. VR is worth the effort!


@Kazama Thanks for helping! I still don’t actually have a cardboard/mobile setup so I can’t really debug these situations yet. Hoping to rectify that soon.


VR was working fine but after latest update it’s broken.