Cheapest audio-box (probably DIY)?



so far I’ve used some noname estim-toys and a ElectroStim Pebble. I even maxed out the last one, power-wise.
From what I’ve learned, most devices have waveforms or presets that work partly for me, it is kind of arousing but not enough to get enough stimulation to get kicked over the edge. For the Pebble the “Milking”-preset was doing okay, though the hard edge between the end and the beginning of the loop made it unpleasurable, if I pulled it slowly up to the max even the Torture-preset was better for orgasming.

So I guess I have to use a box that is actually fed with audio-files so I have a bigger chance of finding the right files? I’ve seen people using USB-soundcards, though I’m not really sure I want to use something that is potentially connected to mainpower in a electric fail. I would be more interested in either just a plain Audio-amplifier which I can feed of my battery-driven MP3/WAV-player or a Bluetooth-speaker.

That said, is there a good website for downloading soundfiles, preferable with descreptions what the files feel like or something alike?

I had once a very pleasurable experience with the Pebble in the Pulse-preset while I had a loop around the glans and a pad at the upper perineum. I magically had a setting that just kept the muscles contracting like it happens while being on the brink of cumming sometimes. That was the closest thing of being “on the edge” for more than a minute. I really need to archive this again, so if somebody wants to recommend a soundfile for that… :slight_smile: