Considering buying a Kiiroo Onyx 2. Does it work with Butplug and how is it?


I am seriously considering getting Onyx 2. I’ve read mixed reviews but don’t know what posts are genuinely positive and which are advertorials.

I also want to know if I can use it with Buttplug and Scriptplayer.

Anyone here with some experience to share?

I am specifically asking about Onyx 2, not 1 :slight_smile:


I’d honestly go for the Launch over the Onyx 2, unless you’ve got some good reason. The mechanism the onyx uses doesn’t work particularly well for some people, as it’s more squeezing than stroking.

I know one of our developers at least has an Onyx 2 and some protocol info, but we don’t have support in quite yet.


The main reasons I consider Onyx over Launch is price and noise. I heard the Onyx 2 is much quieter.

Any ETA on support?


Wow, we’ve had this in our backlog for a while.

Watch that bug, once it gets fixed we should have support.


Quick update, looking like Onyx 2 support may make it into the release happening this week. Not promising anything, but am definitely hoping :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s quick :slight_smile:


Support landed last night, should be in the next release, hopefully happening today. :slight_smile: