D-lab dg-lab estim not connecting

Hi, I am new to Buttplug. Have a new DG-Lab estim box. It says it is “Available” as Fetish Engineer - DLab Electro Power Box in the supported list. It uses B4LTE blue tooth. Box shows up in windows and will pair/unpair. However it will not pair to Buttplug server. It is not paired to windows and does not show in find devices. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately Buttplug.io doesn’t support the DLab estim unit yet.

https://IoSTIndex.com is a list of all known computer controllable hardware, by default filtered to what you can actually buy today: Available and DIY

There’s a separate Buttplug support column to show which devices are supported by buttplug, with any quirks noted on the info tooltip.

Hi yakyak150

I was looking at the d-lab estim box and was wondering if you would recommend it. Is output smooth or sharp?