Delay in the haptics?


Is there a way to add a delay to the haptics in Syncydink or the Butplug server? I have not been able to find any config file or settings anywhere to adjust the haptics, as they seen to be slightly out of sync with my launch.
I am guessing it is because of the bluetooth connection being just a tad slower than the cabled connection to my Occulus Rift.

Hmm, no, we don’t have a delay yet, though we’ve had other people inquire about it.

Just curious, have you tried Whirligig + ScriptPlayer + Launch? I’m not sure if that may be faster/more synced than our browser based solution.

Whirligig + ScriptPlayer worked like a charm, and ScriptPLayer had a delay function to tweak the haptics ± 500ms

Thanks for the tip.

Fantastic! I certainly hope Syncydink gets to parity with ScriptPlayer at some point, but I’m just spread too thin across projects right now, and also WebVR is still fairly new, so Syncydink is mostly a “good enough” fill-in for platforms that can’t run ScriptPlayer right now.