Do I absolutely need Win10 in order to use BLE?


Hey guys, got my Launch yesterday, and of course, quite disappointed with manual mode.
I’m currently using windows 8.1, and I bought a BLE 4.0 dongle, I’m even able to connect to the Launch through Windows, but the Buttplug websocket server doesn’t find my launch, so I guess it doesn’t work on Windows 8.1, which seem silly… I see you need Windows 10 build 15063, but how do I obtain that specific build!? I hope you guys can help me out! :smiley:


The short answer is yes, you need Windows 10 Creators Update to use the Buttplug with BLE devices.
Buttplug uses the native Windows APIs to perform the BLE communication (these were only introduced in build 15063).


I see… Thanks for the clarification, looks like I’m upgrading tonight!