Does Samsung VR work with ScriptPlayer? (Gear VR) SOLVED Yes it does


EDIT. After downloading the beta version of Scriptplayer, you can select Samsung VR as the video player.
Connectivity seems patchy but it will work with a few restarts.
The wiki will tell you almost everything you need to know.
If you want Scriptplayer to find the correct script for the video you are watching (instead of finding it yourself) there are a few more things.

Firstly remember to add the folder with your scripts in, to “Paths” under settings.
If you are using videos on your phone (as opposed to a media server) the scripts names will need to be a bit different to normal.
You need to add the videos filetype, right before the scripts filetype. So “goodbunny.mp4” matches with “goodbunny.mp4.funscript”. Weird but it works.

For anyone that didn’t know, you can get the beta here:


Thanks for updating the post!