Emulating FL Launch and FeelConnect

Help need from someone who owns a FL Launch, I’m in the process of developing custom hardware & I would like to be able to emulate the Launch firmware & being able to connect it to the FeelConnect App.
I’ve been following the protocol from Stpihkal: Sex Toy Protocols. I’m having issue when FeelConnect ask for the software version, I’ve tried return both 6 byte & 12 byte reposes but no matter what I try FeelConnect returns “Device firmware version unknown”. Could someone with a FL Launch with the latest version (as of now v1.3) tell me what the response is from sending “Command Index: 0x05, Command Data: 0x00”

We’ve got quite a few people working on similar things on the discord if you wanna join.

Otherwise, I can try doing that at some point soon, or someone here might get to it before me.