EU/GER: PCBs awailable


today i got the parcel with the PCBs. I now have some spare board in germany. i can offer 5-10 boards for 15€ each including shipping inside germany. shipping to other countries can be more expansive.

Please contact me if you need some boards.

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additional picture:

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I’ve got the newer version V1.4 with support for larger transformers. 20 euros per set plus shipping from NL.

Dont want to be rude but you can buy 5-10 full sets directly from manufacturer (JLCPCB for example) for a similar price with a world wide shipping.

The shipping from jlcpcb to germany is already 10€. also it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive here and you have to deal withthe german customs and you have to pay additional customs fees + taxes.

i would like to have one set

i stil have 6 sets left. please send me a direct message fo the details.

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i am interested to buy 2 sets !

how can i write you a message?

just click on my name. there will be a blue button “Message”

sorry there is no blue button

Hi there, do you still have a set of pcb available for shipping in NL.?

I do have 3 or 4 sets left. I have to check how the shipping costs differs. I think it would add 1-2€ to the shipping

I’m interesting too for the latest board
Complete set of the 3 boards :slight_smile:Shipping from France
What can I do for ?
Thanks by advance
Best wishes too

i am interested to buy 1 set

only out of interest, where can I get the PCB data V1.4, e.g. the Eagle *.sch and *.brd files?

Private message me…

guten tag
ich interessiere mich für 1 pcb und panel, danke, milos,

Hello everyone, just want to chime in here that I also have 8 panels and 3 PCB’s left over. They are the v1.2 boards. The panels are black FR4 and the PCB’s are green. I’m located in the US so shipping might be a bit more expensive.

Hi, I’d like to buy 1 set (PCB + Panel). I am located in Germany. How to continue? Thanks Alex