[FIXED] MK312-BT: Warning: Current 1.3 Gerber files are missing the part values


@qdot asked me to do a small announcement regarding the 1.3 Gerber files currently in the repo:

While the currently available 1.3 Gerber files (commit e673d99af4d068134f845ef149895baf20c11596) will result in a working PCB, they are missing the part values. Meaning you’ll have to look up each part in the BOM.

@qdot said he will export and commit a Gerber set including the part values as soon a s he can.

edit: For those who ordered their PCB with those Gerber files a placement picture:

edit 2: Also a somewhat cleaned up BOM. Warning: It’s a minimally tweaked Eagle export (meaning only the soldered on parts), without a part by part check (which I will do during my build): MK-312BT_V1.3_Revised_BOM.ods.txt (12.9 KB) (whitelist things, just rename to .ods)


I’ve still got a surplus of PCBs (with all layers) to ship in Europe, PM if interested.


Finally home from traveling for a bit, have updated repo with files I got from engineers who actually know what they’re doing so this will hopefully be fixed.