FL Launch bluetooth middleman device

Goodday everyone,
I have a noob question.
Is there already a (blue tooth) device that sits between the computer (skriptplayer) and the FL Launch that slows down the cumshot.
For example, a bluetooth device that receives the singals from the source and then, for example with an arduino / STM32F103 or an ESP32, biometric data (heart rate sensor and Grove - GSR), can measure that you are almost cumming and then, for example, in Scriptplayer the " Range "(depth or speed) controlled and adjusted. So that the cumming is delayed.

I have searched a lot in Google, but haven’t found anything useful.
Maybe someone knows something or is already working on it, I would like to be informed.
Otherwise I will try to make it myself as a noob :wink:

Thanks everyone took the time to read this

Short answer is no, not yet and probably not something you’d want in a MITM device.

There’s a few projects that use sensor feedback from either pressure sensitive buttplugs or EMG to predict an impending orgasm for automated edging (search for nogasm). Since these projects either need a computer to interpret the sensor readings or at least have computer feedback, you could write an interpreter that predicts the impending orgasm and tells scriptplayer to pause (or whatever else you might want). If you implemented it within scriptplayer, you could implement any interaction you’d like.

Thanks for your reply blackspherefollower,

I will definitely look for “nogasm” and maybe I can find more information there.
In the meantime I will try something with Arduino / stm32 and biometric sensors. It will be a difficult and long project for me, but it seems worthwhile to discover.
I will sometimes post something in the future and possibly ask for help.
If there are more people with information or ideas then I will be happy to hear from you.