FL Launch + VR Headset(Oculus go)?

Is there a way to connect the Launch to a VR headset and watch syncscripts? I’m really new to this so I have no idea. I don’t have a VR Headset yet, planning on buying one soon. Is getting VR headset overkill or should I just stick to PC?

Right now, basically no, because hosting files on the Go isn’t really doable.

I’m hoping to build something to make this simpler in the near-ish future, though that depends on what kind of time I have. I’ve got a Go to test on, just haven’t had time to put anything together yet.

Ok, I just realized your question was VR Headset in general.

So right, the standalone ones like the Go/Quest don’t work.

However, computer connected headsets like the Rift or Vive do work, and you can watch videos using Whirligig while sync’d with toys. Some VR games support hardware too.