Fleshlight lauch mac osx ?!


hi i looking to use my flesligh tlaunch on mac osx …
i readd about launch control , but is not user friendly , in dont find a tuto …
i download launchcontrol_darwin_amd64
but ok now i have file , i cant open and i really dont know how works this thing … any one have idee ? …

i use scripte player on windows , works correctly , i use buttplug on windows for kiiroo 2 work perfectly , but on mac os … i will looking about to use my win 10 virtual machine on mac , but i really dont know if bluethoos will work … if any one know how to use launch on mac osx …


Launch Control unfortunately hasn’t really been maintained and I didn’t write it, so I can’t really speak to that.

That said, you can use some of our Javascript apps with your launch.

Using google chrome (this won’t work in firefox or safari) and with your launch on and blinking blue, go to https://playground.buttplug.world, open the side panel, hit “connect local”, then hit “start scanning”. It should bring up a scanning dialog that will find the launch. Select it, then select it in the list as it shows up on the side panel, and it should give you some controls to use. With that, you can just make the launch oscillate back and forth between certain positions at certain speeds.

If you want Scriptplayer-like functionality, we have a web based movie player at https://syncydink.buttplug.world. To connect, it’s the same idea as above. Scripts and movies that you use in scriptplayer should work in that too.


ha ok i need chrome , i allready tried syncydink but , i tried with safarie and firefox lol ok i will install chrom e on my mac thx :slight_smile:


Yeah That’s a good point, I should really make a “You’re gonna want chrome for this” when the page detects linux/mac/android.