Fleshlight Launch Magnet


Hey there,

as you guys may already know the magnet falling out of the Launch is a common problem,
which hit me. I just don’t wanna pry the whole thing open before knowing exactly where the magnet
has to be glued to. Does anybody have clear instructions or even better a picture (series) / video of exactly
where the magnet has to be glued to?


Solved by the Hero we deserve and need!
Frozenwaves anwser to this problem:
‘here is a few pics to show the process https://imgur.com/a/xCqcMDL
but you should use this video https://youtu.be/sA7MdO0rEoo?t=1829 if you are unsure how to dissasemble the unit. Remember to use some kind of glue unless you want the magnet to fall out again. Hope this helped.’