Fleshlight Launch Magnet

Hey there,

as you guys may already know the magnet falling out of the Launch is a common problem,
which hit me. I just don’t wanna pry the whole thing open before knowing exactly where the magnet
has to be glued to. Does anybody have clear instructions or even better a picture (series) / video of exactly
where the magnet has to be glued to?

Solved by the Hero we deserve and need!
Frozenwaves anwser to this problem:
‘here is a few pics to show the process https://imgur.com/a/xCqcMDL
but you should use this video https://youtu.be/sA7MdO0rEoo?t=1829 if you are unsure how to dissasemble the unit. Remember to use some kind of glue unless you want the magnet to fall out again. Hope this helped.’

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Hi all
i put the magnet in the same way ,but it doesn’t work

I think my launch is a newer version, same problem thogh cannot find a magnet.

I found this on my floor after disassembly

My Launch inside

Any ideas if this triangle piece of metal is the magnet and if so where it should go?

I’ve been having the same issues launch red blinking of death, been following the tutorials but for whatever reason I can’t seem to find the magnet, my launch does not look like the one in the previous tutorial pictures but it does look exactly like yours so maybe it is a newer model?

Okay I think I’ve figured it out the issue is that nobody was really explaining it properly the magnet is supposed to be located on the pice that slides up and down on the inside the magnet is located on that behind the motherboard you have to take the entire thing apart (please correct me if I’m wrong?)

I’ve attached a more clearer image for us less technically inclined to understand.

New problem it would appear that in comparing my picture with the other picture that my magnet seems to be completely missing is there anywhere that I can buy a replacement? I’ve come to far to only be blocked right at the end if it’s a generic magnet can someone post a link so I can buy it?

I dealt with the same thing as of earlier today. Disassembly and all. It appears to be a standard bar magnet as far as I can tell. I used a mini rectangle magnet that happened to be inside my electric toothbrush and I got the blue light again once I placed it at the bottom of the slider and let it slide down with my finger (I am not sure where to glue it as of now), it worked. I am unsure of the dimensions but I was able to find quite a few on Amazon when I searched for ‘mini rectangle magnet’ when I thought I lost mine as well (I found it later thankfully, now I have two of these mini rectangle magnets).
Also, does anyone know how to access that spot on the slider so the bar magnet can be inserted? I’ve tried squeezing it in with my fingers to no avail.

Sorry for the double post but I finally figured it out. There’s hinges next to where part of plastic with the motherboard connects to larger half of the fleshlight. I used a screwdriver to push the hinges from the bottom so part holding the motherboard was pushed up enough to show the mark where the sliding part holds the magnet. Superglued it and now it works like a charm!

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