Fleshlight Launch Quality

Hi, I’m thinking of getting the Fleshlight Launch. How is a quality? Does it work well as advertise?
I see some posts here about some problems with the Launch. And the reviews in Amazon isn’t good either. Maybe the defects are just a small percentage. If you have Launch, I hope you can let me know it is still working good after 1 or 2 years. Thanks.

Hard toy to review bc iv had 3 of them needless to say by swamping parts and fixing problems my self it works flawlessly and great, If “FL” had not sent me the first replacement i would have said its not that great, but keep in mind I’m summarizing, got one on pre-order before they shipped AND IT WAS AN AWESOME TOY one month later Bluetooth failed manual controls still worked contacted “FL” they sent me another replacement worked for about three months then locked up all together all it would do was show a red light indicating that the motor wouldn’t home out on start up, but lucky I bought a spare after having problems the first time then it worked for about 6 month then started exhibiting problems, then I built a new one out of all the parts I had from the three broken ones laying around ever since haven’t had any problems in over a year in a half although I did add some water proof nano coating to the main PCB board, don’t know if that helps at all, In all honest “FL” needs to make a second gen correcting all the problems ppl are having, Also when it is work its about the best toy available at this time until they correct problems with 2nd gen you just gotta roll the dice but “FL” will sent replacements all that can be an inconvenience though

Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like a headache just to have a better experience. Seems like Launch uses cheap parts. I do hope that the 2nd gen model will come out soon with better quality.

Might be weird, but I have one and don’t have time to try and figure it out. Never got it working, $100 it is your I’ve had it for a month. Let me know