GVR not finding device


I just downloaded the software and wanted to try it out with a Lovense Hush, so I connected the Lovense USB-Bluetooth Adapter to my PC and tried connecting the toy to my PC (running Windows 10) and the Lovense software found it immidiatly.

Then I tried the buttplug-app. First going through the tutorial and trying to connect with the ServerGUI, which scanned for a while, then stopped the scanning automatically without finding the toy.
Then tried the GVR, scanned for devices and it never found the toy.

Meanwhile, trying the Lovense software again, it gets found immidiately.

Is there a known issue with finding those toys or am I missing a step?


We don’t support the Lovense-USB-Bluetooth adapter quite yet. That’s coming soon (hopefully weeks?). Right now we only support actual Bluetooth 4/LE Adapters.


I thought Lovense toys only work with the “on-brand” adapter, guess I got to try some of the others I got and hope one of them works.

Thanks for the info though!


Nope, Lovense is just Bluetooth LE, so any bluetooth LE adapter/radio should support it, as long as the software trying to access it knows how to talk to Lovense toys. That’s why our software can work with it on Windows 10/macOS/Linux/Android currently.

The Lovense USB adapter is for systems like Windows 7 that don’t support Bluetooth LE period, it basically takes the bluetooth and makes it look like a serial port. I just finished rebuilding our serial support, which is why the Lovense adapter stuff isn’t quite done yet.


Ah I see, I only remember reading on their website that other adapters won’t work, at least with their software indeed only their adapter works. I do have a rather old adapter as well, which sadly had the same issue.

I suppose I will need a newer one, but considering they are pretty cheap, it should be a worthwhile upgrade. I’ll report back once I got to test it again with a newer adapter.


I’ll just second here that using a generic BT adapter makes the devices appear.


quick update:

Now with a newer bluetooth adapter: working perfectly fine! did a quick test with rocket-league (as in the video) and worked right away (after plugging the controller in as well).

So long story short.
A generic adapter works, just got to be one that is recent enough, not a super old one like the last one I used.


Great, thanks for the info! I’m trying to build in better Bluetooth radio detection but it’s a really hard problem to solve.


As a side-question (I probably should have opened a new topic for this, but oh well…)

Is it, or will it be, possible to use the GVRs features without actually having a controller connected?
I mean, there is software that makes windows believe a connected ps3 controller is a xbox 360 controller, for example.
And I am aware of a software made for skyrim to send commands to a controller to vibrate, even if mouse and keyboard is used to play.

I do have a controller, but since I prefer playing most games with mouse and keyboard, I wondered if a connected controller is absolutely necessary.


The problem there is the games, rather than us.

A lot of games are programmed so that, if you are using a mouse and keyboard, it will ignore the gamepad. Otherwise your gamepad would sit on your desk/table/whatever vibrating away loudly while you weren’t touching it, and while that’s fine for us, it’s kind of annoying for “normal-not-trying-to-fuck-their-video-game” gamer.

Without those signals, the GVR can’t really function, because of the way we’re hooking into the program. That’s why we require a gamepad right now. There may be games out there that allow you to have the gamepad on while using mouse and keyboard, and in that case, we do have the ability to turn off vibration to the controller in the GVR. If you find any games like that, let me know.

Anyways, this is why everyone has been on my ass for a year or more to get Unity and other game engine bindings out the door, so they can build games specifically for usage with toys. I’m hoping once this new C# version is out (which I really hope is soon but I just keep finding more APIs to fix/make easier to use) that will finally become a possibility.


I was mostly curious if those options exist. For now I guess I can put the controller on a cushion or something else that makes it less of a problem to have it connected but not using it, I believe many games should allow mouse and keyboard being used even with a controller connected and active, but I could be mistaken.

Eitherway, thanks for the info!