Haptic mixing in Open Broadcast Studio (OBS)


At the moment all the focus seems to be on haptics for a single video stream it struck me it might be worth looking at what it would take to build a plug in for Open Broadcast Studio that adds new event points for scene/source changes as well as content and mixing mulitple haptics files.
Any thoughts/opinions - or am I way off the dial ?

PS Anyone know a viable way of linking an Oculus go to either an RTMP stream or an RDP desktop session ?


Er, can you expand on your ideas for an OBS plugin a bit more? Not quite sure I get what you’re proposing.

I use OBS for my youtube channel, but hadn’t really considered adding Buttplug to it.


Firstly there would need to be a plugin to “play” the haptics alongside a media file - and/or to package the haptics and a media file as a single entity on OBS

Secondly there ought to be haptics extensions that are specific to OBS to do specific things on source/scene changes

Thirdly for “bonus” marks the ability to mix haptics files -but I think this is rather exotic

There are probably other things too


So, forgive me for being dense here… What would you see the usage for this being? Are you wanting to streaming yourself using haptic playback or something? Just trying to figure out the different needs here versus normal playback mechanisms like Syncydink or ScriptPlayer.


So I am now using OBS to mix media sources to feed my “subjects” while they are in bondage - I don’t stream externally or internally it just acts as a vision and audio mixer with either a direct video or RDP connection to the OBS preview screen. Mixing in haptics would be an interesting next step.