How about creating scripts with an HID input controller?

don’t know if it’s possible or has been asked before:
How about creating scripts with some kind of input controller?
For example recording the movements of a vstroker, or perhaps with a analog stick of a xbox controller?
Creating scripts with blender is working, but its very time consuming.
With vstroker one could probably create the script while watching the video.


The request for using an xbox controller for encoding has come up a few times, and is on @qdot’s roadmap for syncydink’s haptics editor (currently a work in progress, and lacks being able to save the encodings).

Using a Vstroker (or any other accelerometer equipped device, like a Lovense Nora or Max) as an tool for encoding come up earlier this week, but does require us to first add support for that device (work which has also just begun).

So watch this space!