How do I connect the Launch with the PC?


Hey there,

I couldn’t find a good introduction how I am going to connect the Fleshlight Launch with my PC?
I mean I am actually activated the Bluetooth at my PC and the Launch, but the Launch keeps blinking.
It’s not connecting.
How do I fix it up?


What operation system are you on? Windows 10?


Windows 10. The mainboard also got a Bluetooth device, but I am not sure if I have to use an extern one?
In case of an extern device is necessary I am going to buy the Bluetooth USB-adapter from Asus.
May it work with it.


The important thing will be to make sure that your Bluetooth adapter supports Bluetooth 4.

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at the tutorial here:

There’s a link to the recommended Bluetooth dongle in the Windows 10 support section.


Hehehe… A dongle for your dingle. In any case, if you had a long enough microUSB cable, you could use that as well.


The Launch uses Bluetooth to connect to the PC. The MicroUSB port is for power only.


I stand corrected. My apologies. I could have sworn a while back I had come across a player that allowed you to connect using a USB cable, but I can not seem to find it anywhere now. It may have just been a wet pipe dream. I also swear I read that you could perform firmware upgrades through the USB port as well. Can’t seem to find that either! It’s like Shazam all over again!


Loading firmware also requires bluetooth, as it is loaded via the command characteristic of the BLE interface.


Yes, I should have clarified that. Everything I could find stated that firmware upgrades were done via bluetooth (which is a very poor decision on their part. You should never perform firmware upgrades wirelessly. There is a lot more that can go wrong causing you to brick your device). But I was saying that I thought I had come across information talking about both connecting the launch and upgrading the firmware through the USB. Not only could I not find that info, I came across the video where you dismantled the launch, and you’re right. There is no way that the USB can carry data. At least not without modifying it.