How often can you send updates to a device, anyway?


This is something I’ve been wondering about for a while, and then the “Funscript and vibrating toys” thread reminded me of it. Mostly focused on the vibrating type here, but it’s probably an open question for some other things too.

The Lovense app sends out updates every 0.25 seconds. Okay, that’s a start. ScriptPlayer currently allows going as often as every 50ms. And I’ve got an experimental setup for a game that gets updates about every 33ms (30 fps) that seems to do alright.

On the other end, qdot has mentioned a point where the bluetooth protocol can’t keep up, but if it was said where that was, I missed it. Of greater concern, is there a point where too many jumps close together could actually cause damage?

Of course there’s a limit on how fast one can expect changes to go and be perceivable even if the hardware can handle anything. But if it’s modding a game like I’m trying to, things are easier and will probably line up better if you can send out updates at the same rate the game is updating it’s logic. (See: 30 fps.)

And then there’s the MysteryVibe, which is coded in such a way that it won’t send out updates more often than every 93 ms no matter what. It wouldn’t be hard to change that so that commands would be sent out immediately and reset the timer, but would that be a bad idea? (Please tell me it wouldn’t be a bad idea.)

As far as non-vibrating devices go, the Nora can’t change directions very quickly, and that’s all I’ve got. I stopped caring about direction changing once I realized I couldn’t tell the difference anyway.