How to use kiiroo onyx with butplug?


hi i looking to use kiiroo onyx on my computer , i tried script player and Syncydink on ,
i see the kiiroo ie connect (wen i scan device , my kiiroo appear ) but when i read a movi with script , nothing hapend , on Syncydink on i see on the time line rumble effect , but nothing append on my kiiroo .
well i want to know iff buttplug work with kiiroo device ; or if on dont understand …
i have the onyx 1 just ordered onyx 2 ( i see kirro onyx 2 support on Buttplug C# Version 0.2.3)
its difficult to have correct information i tried since all the day to making work my kiiroo but not sucess …
any help ?


when i use tutorial i have this

Devices Found:

Kiiroo ONYX

Now that we’ve found some devices, let’s send them some commands.

after that i have nothing to do

Below is a list of your currently connected devices, along with various actions they can run. If you click the link, the device will perform the specified action. Give it a shot!

Kiiroo ONYX


Yup, you’re right. The Onyx 1 has only been supported as of last week, and even then it’s a little iffy.

Try this installer:

And let me know how that works out for you. Planning on doing a full release with this plus a few other patches basically any day now, but the more testing we get, the better.


if i tried that
i scan my device , i click on kiiroo device
and i have nothing …
white page …


thx i will tried that


i have movement its better , butt , its very slow , i dont know ho to say that , but i stop the video like 5 min , and it keep going to move very slowly , same on website player


if you need information or test , tell me i have few computer i allreay trie on 3 computer … same thing ,
i will receive my kiiroo 2 soon , i can help and test thing if you need ,
i am zero programmer lol dont like that , but i am network administrator (work with lot of diferent customer , hospital , factory , … ) i can understand thing if you need test .

well i think i will go eat and watch new orange is the new black season :slight_smile:
see you soon , i think i will make more test


i make some test here
i have position control , when i press start ocillation .
its do one move every 10sec and a very slowly electrical sound and my kiiroo braock , i need to unplug bluethous


Ok, this is a known issue. There’s something up with Syncydink and Playground that’s causing the Onyx to not move correctly, mine has the same issue. I’ll try to take a look at it soon. Glad you got it connected though!


i receive my kiiroo 2 and its work correctly :slight_smile:
i receive my launch to compare too ,
now just need to know ho to creat my own script , anyone know a software to help to write scripte , because just doit on texte can be difficult


Instructions on the methods most people currently use to encode a script are at

Also, a lot of people doing script encoding hang out on the RealTouchScripts forums.


thx ,
i looking about blender with plugin to make my own script :slight_smile: thx for the help , i think i will upload my work on realtouchscripts .
thx again :slight_smile: