Howdy, new member and feedback mechanisms

I’ve discovered this forum and the fascinating topic (via the launch) and have been poking around the net and found this interesting product:

I don’t have a doll, but it piqued my interest in general about feedback in toys that could allow some limited interactivity.

Anyone have similar ideas, plans or know of other types of advanced feedback used in toys?

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Yeah, since RealDoll is selling those separate from the dolls, I’ve been contemplating picking one up just to check out what they’re using for sensors, but it’s… not cheap.

The Lelo F1 ships with a kind of ridiculous amount of sensors. There’s a 3 axis accelerometer, a pressure sensor, a hall effect sensor that I believe detects if anything is in the sleeve, as well as others. I honestly think a lot could be done with just an accelerometer or one of those nice 6/9-axis IMU chips, but most sex toys aren’t gonna have the engineering capability to do much interesting with the sensor processing.