I have extra PCB's

So, I’ve successfully built one of my own mk312bt box. And I’m curious if anyone would be interested in buying my extra 4 PCB’s.

I’d also like to know if anyone would be interested in having me bulk order some parts and make some kits ready for assembly, or assembled boards, here are the different breakdowns of costs. If there is strong interested in kits and assembled boards, I’d scratch out the offer of just shipping the pcb’s, as the bulk orders for parts are cheaper if I can produce the entire sets.

1pcb, no parts, with shipping $15

1pcb, with assembly parts, not including case, screws, battery, ribbon cable, with shipping $145

For PCB assembly by a IPC certified soldering tech (ie me :smiley: ) +$50 for labor

Complete box assembled, with shipping $280

I’d offer to program the atmega, but I do not know the legalities of that.

There will be some slight substitutions on the resistors due to stocks being on backorder (using
Yageo branded instead of KOA Speed). 3.5mm audio jacks, same brand, same series, just the threaded screw versions. Power switch, just found a cheaper option. For the complete assembly, I’m substituting with the same brand battery, but cheaper with a slightly higher amp/h battery, slightly different dimensions (just a couple mm). https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/547-PS-1229L

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I’d be very interested in a complete box, as I currently don’t have any time to try building one myself ( other projects and work ) :slight_smile: Without the battery though - I can basically reduce the box’s size by half without that thing ( I’ve got lithium batteries I can substitute with ) .

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Made a temporary email so you can contact me: garyniger@shitmail.org

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Is your offer still valid ?

I still have PCB’s for 2 devices.
Price for one set (board and front panel) 20 Euro incl. Shipping (Germany)

I am very interested in purchasing a PCB along with components, failing that, then the PCB alone is fine

I only sell the PCBs without components.
Components are available at mouser.com

I don’t have any available but I have been re-designing and building a smd prototype. Just did some debugging and revisions. The next prototype I’m hopeful will be a fully functional version

To add some contexts of my discoveries when prototyping, first the LCD busy signal worked differently than the original lcd so had to patch the firmware, lots of fun with IDA pro and a hex editor. Next, the charging circuit for the Lipo didn’t have enough thermal displacement to handle the 1amp current the LDO was designed to cut off at. The mosfets I substituded weren’t rated correctly. I reversed the +/- pins on the op-amps. And last used the wrong resistor value on the LCD backlight and fried the LED.

How can I buy one from you ?

Woah, this is awesome! :smiley:

BTW, we have an (old, poorly documented) firmware patching system if you need help with that.

Does anyone still have a set of boards available?

I have 2 sets of pcb’s i can sell in Sweden.

PCB is version 1.3R (latest now) and works fine

Does anyone have any spare boards in the UK that I could purchase?

I am interested in 1 set to the Czech Republic, thank you milos, elektronika-jelinek@cbox.cz

I have some spare PCB’s & Panels, v1.2 if anyone’s interested…

@schnitzel Is your offer still valid? I’m interested in purchasing a fully built 1.3R unit.