Introduction Thread


Who the hell are you, anyways?

Introduce yourself! Or, well, don’t. This is a site about building sex stuff, so some people may wanna be anonymous, and that’s cool.

But it’d be nice if you at least said hi. Don’t have to give your life story or anything.



Umm, I like to build electronics things and looking to … expand into other areas.

If you know what I mean.



I just started hacking sex toys, starting with the Launch. I’m an iOS developer by trade.

I’m the author of raunch-ios, a library written in Swift for controlling the Launch sex toy on iOS and macOS.

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Hey! Funjack’s my sex toy hacking alter ego. I’m developing Launchcontrol. It’s a server that can control a Fleshlight Launch, with clients like a Kodi addon and VLC extension.

Since this is an introduction post, here are some my most deeply personal preferences :wink:

  • Operating system: Linux
  • User interface: Bash
  • Text editor: Vim


I got into sex toy “hacking” through the fabrication side of things by 3d printing clamps other people designed. Designed and printed own nose hooks which I’ll create it’s own thread for because there’s a fun amount of collateral that came out of the project but I haven’t documented it anywhere yet.

Next projects may be even more low tech, interested in creating my own hooks with wire, and learning how to do silicone molding from 3d printed objects. Maybe more design stuff: make a parametric version of the nose hook or design a cheek spreader.

Headphones are my other tech fetish :wink:


Hi all!

I figured it was about time more of my interests converged: a little software, a little hardware.
I’m generally quiet, but I have a thing for solving problems and fixing things.



I saw this on twitter and I like sex toys. Still in uni for CS, so I’m mostly just here to look around and learn more about programming.


Welcome! We’ve had a few people in uni join the slack too. Sex tech is totally an interesting way to expand CS horizons. Especially since I love to pile random technologies on to this stuff, so you never know what’s gonna show up in the stack next. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions!


Any thought of using TestFlight to expand the base of testers?


I’m a UK based player - rupertb on FetLife
Been doing stuff with Brain Machines Erostek + EStim since they first appeared.
With the advent of cheap Pi Zeros lots more distributed possibilities open up and I have done some work with the Alexa platform to drive relays and servos


Hi to all of you! I’m very happy of my Fleshlight Launch. But I don’t like using it in “manual” mode. I like watching videos with the code inside piloting it. Unfortunately I’ve to say it’s very difficult finding videos (I’m heterosexual) to my taste. I mean that anyone of us like particular videos. I mean…someone could like a video of BJ only, or particular positions etc. While the majority of videos for Launch I find around are…trivial.
I found your website…I’m not english mother-tongue and I’m not a computer programmer…and I’m just arrived, so I’m not really sure if I’ve understood well what you are doing here.
I tell you what I was looking for when I foud your site: a software to add a code to my favourite videos to command the Launch and so feel the videos I really like. Do you think is it possible to have it in the future?
I’ve tested one (working…because they are having some problems at the moment) virtual reality video on and for that videos you have to use their FEEL VR app (not the Feel Connect one). I use android. And you can download the video. Together with the video you will find, downloaded on your device, a metafile I can read as text. I was hoping it contents the instructions for the launch but maybe it’s not. Or maybe I can’t understand them.
Any possibility to realize my little dream in the future?


Yes, we’re working on a way to encode videos. Right now, there is a way to do it, but it’s not very easy (see the “making your own movie encodings” portion of Tutorial: Buttplug C# App Suite 0.1.0). We’re working on a way to make it simpler, and will be making a post about it here when that is done.


Hi. I found this place after discovering the blender plugin to create funscripts and have started down the path of figuring out how to create custom scripts.


Hello all,
It was the estim stuff that brought me here, although it is lacking a bit at the moment. Many of the other things here also have their appeal/interest. This is the secret convergence of many of the rather innocuous bits and pieces I’ve worked with over the years spanning the range, immersive environments, haptics, bio feedback… But rarely ever discussing how all these little bits and pieces of research/knowledge come together for me. I am a EE well versed in the ins and outs of hardware but a terrible at best programmer.


I am dabbling into all kind of VR and feedback stuff. The Buttplug system seems to be a good way to combine all kind of input to all kind of output, giving a much wider range of use to whatever “toys” we have. I have written a node.js based estim webapp that can be controlled by sliders and microphone input inside e.g. firefox or chrome. Hooking up an audio output to a special amplifier (search e.g. for midistim in some estim forum) gives you a two channel estim set. My goal is to combine the output part (webaudio based) with buttplug so I could e,g, use funscript to control several parameters.Since the whole estim parameter setting can be kind of overwhelming, and for sure not easy to control from a simple script, my intention is to implement some different capabilities: one “in-out” that simply changes balance between the two channels, one to control each channel volume individually. That would make the system easily controllable with scripts that have one or two channels. On the input side I hope to be able to trigger either a prerecorded script or even receive direct values from e.g Unity or opensim, thus making it possible to sync animations inside those virtual environments to our toys.
Now I “just” have to work my way thru all the documentation and some code to properly combine all those systems :wink:
Let’s see how this all turns out,


Hello everybody! My name is Gill and I just want to set the records straight. A major competitor of mine whom you may have heard of, Sleze Jobs, inventor of the Fapple computer was telling people that I named my company after a certain member of mine. And I say this… Who cares? I’m a multi-billionaire! So he and his buddy, Sleeve Menopauseysack can just take their Fapples and go home, because I am the “BIGGEST” player in the game!

I hope you guys enjoyed my ‘little’ anecdote, but in all seriousness, hello everyone! I am a software developer and have recently purchased my first device (The Fleshlight Launch) and I had the same thought as (presumably) all of you… I’m gonna hack this thing! Upon doing some research, I stumbled upon this site and I have to say, I am thrilled that a group such as this exists! It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I think that means I should turn the launch off. Is 9 hours too long?I rigged my device up with some direct to outlet circuitry and an auto feeder for the lube. Dang this puppy can purr. Okay so the last couple lines aren’t really serious, but the rest was sincere. I am happy to have found this group and hopefully I will be able to contribute something to this project. This is a bit of uncharted territory for me. I feel like an astronut flying to Uranus. Okay, I’m done now. Gill gone! * P O O F *


Hi. Hello. Guten Tag. 今日は

Tech-obsessed Scottish girl here who’s been fantasizing about being sexually controlled by a machine for many many years and through being blessed with some seriously perverted engineer friends has the chance to actually get it working. I’m mostly here to pick people’s brains when I hit moments of “I know I should be able to make this thing talk to that one, but it’s just not working!”.

Current obsessions:

  • Voice controlling an ET312 (sending audio signals to the box with voice commands sort of working, needs refining)
  • Controlling remote toys on a computer (helllooooooo Buttplug!)
  • Getting the “AI” up and running (it’s mostly an illusion effect for now, but who knows… one day…)
  • Linking magnetic locks to computer controls (still in research phase)
  • Figuring out what bio-feedbacks are feasbile controllers (still in research phase)

So, yeah. That’s me.


Hey all, I’m a complete geek for learning new things, and I’ve done basic electronics (breadboarding, very entry level coding, soldering assembly, etc.), and I’m trying to fugure out if it’s worth learning, given my n00b status, how to make a remote internet controllable estim setup or just wait a bit after the teledildonics patent expires, 10 days from now, when commercially avail plug & play products are likely to start hitting the market. Thoughts?