Is the We Vibe Vector Supported?


Is the new We Vibe Vector supported through buttplug? I’m attempting to connect and it does not show as discoverable. The We Connect App works, and I unpaired with the app to see if it was interfering but still does not show up. I’m attempting to pair on my Android phone using Chrome.

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Not yet, but someone on our discord ( just got one, and my hope is that it’s just a name addition to our config files. If you wanna hop on the discord and help out, I’m there now and can guide you through how to get the info we need for that.

Actually, nevermind, someone else already handed me the info. I’ll get it into the apps/libraries sometime this weekend. :slight_smile:

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Ok, the Vector should be supported now in buttplug-js and Buttplug Playground (

Syncydink support may take a bit longer, and Intiface Desktop support will be coming in the next few days.