Keyboard Funscript generator. Help me test/improve

Hi, great job on all the awesome work!
I’m implementing a keyboard script recorder to simplify video annotations:

It first pauses until one mouse click is detected, this is to sync with the start of any video whenever you press play.
You can then rhythmically tap on the keyboard numbers row to create motion waves of the desired amplitude 1…9 map to low…high.

Since I cannot afford any connected devices (planning for the “Edge” maybe), could somebody please test the Radetzky March example and let me know if it works? Curiosity is killing me :slight_smile:

I don’t really know how the positions are mapped to vibrating devices. I have assumed it’s pos=0% OFF, pos=100% Max power. But I am not sure, could someone please explain? I’d love to set up the generator so it gives the best effect for most types of devices.

PS: you can also follow up in the syncydink repo issues

After testing to annotate a few videos, I’ve thought of a better method in two steps:

  • A first pass to define the desired amplitude thorough the video. From 1 to 9 you set the intensity of the strokes/vibrations. No need to press in sync with the motions, just press a number at any time and it will set the amplitude and add the transitions for you.
  • A second pass to define the rithm and stroke type. We can define some keys with different types of oscillation each (instead of always triangular waves). The annotator can now view the video again, this time pressing keys in sync BUT without worrying about amplitudes: the script will automatically set them with the values of the previous step.

I think this will make it loads easier to annotate.
Please let me know of your ideas!

OK I have done a test that seems like a good choice for music:

  • First an algorithm reads the audio file and obtains the “intensity” profile. This could also be done manually with the key numbers 1-9.
  • Then I can manually define the “tempo” and duration of the motions by just tapping/holding one single key.

The result is the William Tell Overture in the key of G (click to open directly in browser)

Please let me know your thoughts if you try this out (and if you really like it please consider donating so I can buy my first connected toy :smiley:)

OK I had to do this one for all the electricity fans here:

Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage

Enjoy! :zap: :cloud_with_lightning: :electric_plug: :zap: