Kiiroo/Launch webcam models? And best couples toy combo with Launch?

Hi everyone,

I am new, so thought I’d give a brief introduction. I am a 30 year old male, engaged to my fiance (female) of the same age. We recently started exploring new ways to have fun and came across teledildonics. My partner travels a lot, so long distance, internet based interactive toy fun is what we have been trying. I have a Fleshlight Launch right now, and I have two questions.

  1. What is the best heterosexual couples combination for the Launch? I am thinking the Launch and OhMiBod Fuse? And for the best combination, what can you ‘do’ with both toys? Ideally, I’d want the female toy to (at a minimum) sense penetration depth and simulate that on the Launch across the internet. Any ideas?

  2. Where on earth are the webcam models that use Launch compatible/Kiiroo products? I have searched every cam site advertised by Kiiroo themselves, as well as Fleshlight, and none use Kiiroo products, just LoveSense. Also, the ones that have a LoveSense/any toy, only allow 1-way-activation. That is, you pay them a tip and it automatically activates their toy. Is there some kind of secret community of Kiiroo users?

Really looking forward to hearing from you lot.