Kiiroo Onyx 2 Support


I don’t own an Onyx 2 yet but was wondering if it would work with Buttplug?


Not yet, but we’re actively working on it now.


That’s excellent news! I really want to get one, I have the Launch now and love it. Just a change :slight_smile: Any estimates of when it will work?


Honestly, if you want to change things up, i might recommend the Vorze Interactive A10 Cyclone SA over the Onyx 2.

As for support ETA, not real sure. Hopefully next few weeks? We’re about to do a big software release next week, then we’ll be re-evaluating feature priority.


I’m not sure I like the idea of the Vorze, spinning around. The Onyx 2 seems like a pretty neat concept. I know the Onyx didn’t get great reviews but the Onyx 2 is supposed to be improved. I dunno, any thoughts?


I haven’t really heard much that’s been “improved” on the onyx 2 outside of it using a different protocol so it’ll work with the new FeelMe stuff, plus it’s apparently quieter. The original Onyx was really meh for me.

As for the Vorze, it ends up being more “blowjoby” than “thrusty”, but yeah, it’s unfortunately a bit of a gamble whether you’ll be into it or not because it can be MASSIVELY overstimulating for some people, depending on your anatomy.


Thanks for the input! I still think I’ll shell out the money and get the Onyx 2 since it’ll work with Buttplug in the future. I’ll put the Vorze on my list though, just hate to waste $300 if I don’t like it.

I have an Autoblow 2+ that is pretty cool just wish it would automatically vary the motor on it sorta like a vibrator does with different rhythms. I’d love to figure out a way to automatically vary the voltage on the motor to change speeds like rhythms. I looked into using a Raspberry Pi but I’m a noob to programming anything but VB, though I know some about Electronics.

I’ll let you know how the Onyx 2 does when I get it.


I have an onyx 2 and it’s pretty amazing what it can do when the content is good.

It simulates stroking ok, but where it really shines is “the rest”. For instance during a good deppthroat scene with a good script you get the feeling of constriction that just holds for a bit before relaxing.

I wouldn’t consider it hands off. Seems to work better if you adjust the “terminal depth” according to the action a bit, depending on the content. Which so far ranges from incredible to worse than without.

To cover the noise, a set of noise blocking headphones is essential. The kind that hours in the eat and acts as an ear plug at the same time.


Would love to now any secrets for using the Onyx2 - I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth out of it :wink: