Kiiroo Onyx + Support?


I’m thinking of buying the Kiiroo Onyx +, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to use it with videos with funscript files on the syncydink player. I know the player works for the Fleshlight Launch, but does it also work for the Onyx +?


It should as of the new rs engine for Intiface Desktop, released today.


I am still not able to use my Onyx+ with Intiface (even after updating the rs engine just a few minutes ago).

I have been able to use it with python on both Windows and Linux with the same USB-BT adapter, so it basically should work (see Adding new Kiiroo Onyx + (plus) for service in Buttplug (intiface) and Buttplug java).

Maybe it is just an issue with my USB-Adapter then. I try to buy a different one.

I tried a new BT adapter now (just to be sure that this is not causing the connection issues). I have an Onyx+ from what I would guess is the latest batch of devices manufactured (received it Friday of the last week, European batch).

I can control and use the device within my own python scripts properly and it seems to be detected by Intiface in some way (as it is shown in the logs). The LED switches to static blue, but the server does not tell the clients, that it has detected the device at all.

It does work properly with my F1s and as I see that you have spent some time to make the Onyx+ work in Intiface, I would guess that there is something different about the new batch of devices.

I would love to debug it myself, but as I never have worked with TypeScript before, I don’t really know where to start (or is the connectivity part implemented in the C# code?).

I have been inspecting the WebSocket transfers, but I only see that there is an empty device list, then the scan is started and stopped again. I don’t see anything else.

The new engine is actually Rust now heh. I filed links to the code and issue in the other thread about this. I’ll handle the updates this evening.

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