Kirro Onxy 2 not being found in scan


When I search for devices at or any other place the Onxy 2 is not found. But it is located on my phone. I also cleared the paring from my phone and the “whitelist” of the device.


Do you have an Onyx 2, or Onyx 2.1? If it’s a 2.1, the box will still say Onyx 2, but it’ll show up as Onyx 2.1 on FeelConnect.


Oh it shows up as 2.1


Ok, so there’s already a thread about not being able to connect to the 2.1, at Unable to connect to Onyx2.1. That’s our problem (not yours), as we have yet to get that implemented in the libraries. I was going to do that today, but my Onyx 2.1 seems DOA. :frowning:


BTW, if you happen to not be busy and want to stop by the Discord server (, I’d be happy to work with you on getting this working possibly.


New thread on how to use the Onyx 2.1: Onyx 2.1 now working with Windows 10


Thanks for letting me know, you out here doing gods work