Launch and minimum delay


Hello! I’ve very recently acquired a Launch and started looking into options to play and write custom scripts. I am currently using ScriptPlayer alone, but I’m finding it does not keep up with most of the user scripts I’ve downloaded. After a few tests it seems I cannot go lower than 106ms min delay between commands otherwise the motion is erractic due to dropped commands. I suppose that the scripts are working correctly, and by that I mean that if others were experiencing the same issue, the scripts would be adjusted right? So what could be wrong? Oddly enough, I also cannot connect my Launch to the Feel Me app (I can connect it to my phone, but the app does not see it), might be related.

Or is it better to run ScriptPlayer through a Buttplug server? Could it result in better performance? I suppose the best thing would be the possibility to send patterns to the Launch and not individual commands (for example, telling it to move at a given speed until next command) but it does not seem to be possible?

Sorry for the multiple questions, I’m just a newbie here!


You can experiment with hooking up ScriptPlayer to Buttplug or Intiface (which is the new buttplug server app, currently in beta:, and see if that resolves anything, but there’s a inherent lag in bluetooth frame timing that will always pop up, and the launch itself just isn’t super reliable anyways.


Thank you for your answer, I will try that. Meanwhile however I ran a few more tests and noticed that whatever delay I used my Launch would still drop commands. I even tried with official FeelMe content and the drops appear too… So I reached out to Kiiroo support (really nice folks by the way) and it seems that it’s just a limitation of the Launch sadly, but I find that hard to believe.

Now I’m looking for a way to test the stability and speed of my bluetooth connection. I’m using an ASUS USB-BT400 dongle and while it’s stable it’s not very fast. Do you know anything that could help test that out? Or can anyone recommend a USB bluetooth dongle known to work correctly with the Launch?


I usually recommend, which is just a Broadcom dongle, but it seems to work ok.