Launch discoverable, but not in browser

Hi all,

I’m using ubuntu and the bluetooth adapter recommended in the buttplug tutorial. When trying to connect through the tutorial or through syncydink, I run into problems finding the device. I’m using Chrome and have the web browser bluetooth functionality enabled. The device is discoverable outside of Chrome with the bluetooth manager - it is not paired.

In the buttplug tutorial, the “Click here to start scanning” link doesn’t seem to load or progress anything.
In syncydink, when trying to connect locally, I get the error:
{“Id”:0,“ErrorMessage”:“Bluetooth scanning interrupted. Either user cancelled out of dialog, or bluetooth radio is not available.”,“ErrorCode”:4}}”

I’m at a bit of loss here, so any help any of you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can you try it in Buttplug Playground ( I doubt it’ll magically connect there, but that’s using a newer version of the library than syncydink and the buttplug tutorial are.

Also, can you pop open the browser control and see if any error messages are coming up?

Hi qdot,

Thanks for your quick reply and I apologize for my delayed one. I previously was running a virtual Ubuntu within Windows 7 when I made this post. I tested things with a laptop with Ubuntu properly installed and things worked, so I moved to make a dual-boot partition on the machine I intend to use with my Launch and similarly things just worked. Kudos to you.

If you are curious about errors and such for development purposes, I can go back and try the things in your post. If you’re willing to sum it up to something funky with the virtual machine, then that’s fine too.

Thanks again!

Gonna go with “Something funky with the virtual machine”. People have been trying that strategy for the lifetime of the project, and every time it either half works or doesn’t work, and every time it’s for some different reason. Glad you got up and running otherwise though!