Launch Exploration


Since i managed to somehow break the Bluetooth chip, i got a brand new second Unit as replacement.
But i got to keep the semibroken one :slight_smile:

So now that i got a Launch which i can modify without fearing destroying an expensive piece of tech.
I first integrated a cabled power supply.
My first try was with a 12V 10A, which worked more or less, but the Launch constantly thought it’s nonexistent battery was low. so for a non blinking Launch i needed at least 14V.

I also found a jtag header on the board (at least it looks like jtag)

Has anyone already tried to mess with this?


Yeah I was curious about the unpopulated pad too. We’ve had people unhook the motor control/encoder lines and run their own control of the system, providing much smoother strokes. However, that was never ported to being able to run on the actual system, because it’s using a PIC24, which is kind of an odd chip, and no one has had time to build out their own firmware yet.