Launch will power on and flash red, but motor makes no noise


Howdy all, I’ve owned this launch for 16 months, so it’s a bit late for warrantee sadly, but the motor makes absolutely no noise. I’ve also noticed that there might be some corrosion on the back and red wire connections on the drive assembly. Will Kiroo ship me this assembly? I’ve contacted them but I’m not sure I’ll get a response. I have moved the fleshlight holder bit all the way up and back down with no luck. I do think it was exposed to some water at some point, but it certainly wasn’t a dunking or anything. One thing I haven’t tried is charging it, so I’ve got it set up to do that overnight tonight. Any advice would be appreciated.


Flashing red means it can’t move the motor to its start position when it starts up, so yeah, that’s indicative of something wrong with either the motor or the magnet that is uses for homing. If the motor isn’t making any noise, then it does sound like there may be some motor issue, versus the magnet falling out (which is also common).

Kiiroo usually won’t ship replacement assemblies, they seem to be pretty much all-or-nothing in terms of shipping replacements. Not sure if they’ll deny it on warranty.