Launch wont work properly with pearl 2!

So i have a brand new launch, gf has the pearl2, she bought as a set. we can connect and start but if she tries to move the pearl just a little to fast, it stops. there is never a steady connection of flow like there is in manual or video sync modes. Its frustrating us both to the point were ready to trash them both. is this a firmware or defect thing? I’ve not seen another issue like this or any explanation and i did look before making this post. we both use FeelConnect app, sync up easily enough but then when time comes for fun its just frustraion and losing the mood. help please?

FeelConnect’s latency isn’t know to be good. Also not supported by this community.

As for the pearl to launch interaction mapping, you might be out of luck. The pearl2’s capacitive zones are limited in resolution and often have false positives: if the launch moves at all and doesn’t just say at the bottom, you’re probably getting as good feedback as you might get. The pearl2 does have an accelerometer, but I’ve not seen anything use it.

Whey starts supporting input from devices, there’s a chance that better interaction software may be written (maybe a combo of both sensors?), but there’s no ETA on input and we haven’t wort out the accelerometer data encoding yet, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that front.

What’s much more likely is that real-time video sync encoding might let you run the launch from a webcam, but again I’m not sure if anyone has anything like that in the works.

Ok thank you for the info. We’re both new to the interactive toys so we didnt know any of this when we started to look and just bought haha.
Ill Checkout buttplug, ive seen alot of people talking about it.