List: Places to get toy control scripts for movies

If there’s a place to get scripts that’s not on this list, please comment on this thread and I’ll update it.

User Create Scripts

Commercial Sites

  • VirtualRealPorn:
    • Membership includes downloading of scripts for Kiiroo toys. ScriptPlayer or Syncydink can translate these to work with other toys.
  • Pornhub/Feelme
    • Both sites offer haptics services, but pulling scripts to use locally with Syncydink/ScriptPlayer takes some work. Figuring out how best to document this.
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Just how in-depth is pulling the haptics from pornhub? Theres a bunch of videos I really want to get the scripts for

It’s not too bad, mostly a matter of knowing how to put together the proper information. I’ll see if I can’t get manual instructions together for it.

Any resources on how to make scripts for interactive vids? i.e. taking any normal and making it interactive. Can I start coding the scripts myself? How would I do that?

You totally can, and it doesn’t even require coding! Right now we just have one method most of us use, using the free Blender program. There’s more information on how that works at

If you have questions, you can either ask here, or there’s lots of people doing encoding work on, and some of them hang out on our discord at

Damn, that was a quick response. Less than 10 mins.

Great info! Thanks for pointing the way forward. Will definitely be checking these leads out.

I think this is the appropriate thread.

Is there any way to obtain the pornhub haptics file to go with a movie for offline use.

I know there is a way to subscribe to gain access to a download button…
…but does that get me the haptics version of the movie?

I know there are other ways to download a video from pornhub…
…I know that at least two methods don’t get the haptics in the video.

So is there way to download just the haptics to have a script file to use?

The reason isn’t to cut pornhub out of the loop so much as not having reliable bandwidth.

Pornhub’s haptics files are near useless. They’re mostly done by Kiiroo, and are extremely low quality. If you have specific wants for encoding youtube videos, make requests on the RealTouchScripts forums or else just encoding them yourself with JoyFunScripter

While true, that they are not as High Def as one made by JoyFunScripter, there are quite a few that are already done, and working well for me, the issue I have is irregular latency, and small bandwidth. If the haptics/video were local, and run by scriptplayer, then I have fairly fine control over latency, and with a local video file, then no buffering to wait for.

It’s more an issue of not wanting to redo something that is done already.

Another useful angle would be for scriptplayer, to be able to act as feelconnect, and cut out the cellphone. I like the latency adjustment there, and the gap filler.

I’ve got the PC side working, and am really happy there, it’s a computer/zoomplayer/scriptplayer combo. I have a few lingering issues. What I would like to stop doing is tinkering mid-session, and switching back and forth from browser/cellphone to pc/zp/sp.

What I seek is a tool to receive the haptics and convert them to a standalone file that scriptplayer can use. If it exists.

Is there anywhere I could get the entire content of the syncydink website so I could host it on my own server ?

how to create an account ofro realtouch?
must you have an invitation? because it does not work at home =/