Looking for examples of interactive videos



I am looking for video samples with haptic data included so that I can test the Syncydink webapp (https://syncydink.buttplug.world/ ) with my fleshlight launch or other bluetooth devices.

However, every movie I download from sources that claim to be interactive (pornhub premium, say) appear to have no haptic data included (or encoded) into the file.

This is making me wonder if the haptic data is always an additional file that is needed independently, and that these online sites selling interactive movies thus require you to use their web player, and that they dont usually give you the haptic data as part of a download.

Anyway, please let me know if anyone can shed light onto this and/or let me know a good place do download samples.



Yup, it’s extremely rare that movies have haptic data encoded directly into the file these days. RealTouch used to embed commands in WMV files, but it’s mostly been in separate files ever since. This is due to a combination of IP/patent issues and also it just takes more work to edit the movie file than it does to distribute another file.

Current hub for creation and trading of these files is http://realtouchscripts.com. Most movies these days use:


Also, if you want an overview of how the official FeelConnect system works, as well as the internals of the Launch, check out my youtube video here:


Wow, thanks, very informative! You certainly do seem to know more about masturbation devices than anyone else I know! I was thinking about trying to take my Launch apart and I am glad to have seen your video first.

Thanks also for the link to Real Touch Scripts. Looks like just what I have been looking for.


Heh, yeah, I’ve been doing this for a rather unfortunately long amount of time. :slight_smile:

BTW, a note on the RTS forums: Ignore anything about OneTouchScripter. That program was for the RealTouch, which hasn’t been on the market in 5 years. The forum is still RealTouch centric so there’s references to that hardware, but very few people have it and OTS is way out of date (And not worth spending cash on).