I want to make a Fuckmachine, if I take a board from lovense lush and solder a gear motor instead of a vibromotor, will this work?

Nope, not only is that not the same type of power/signals you’d need to use, the power difference between the displacement motor and what you’d need for a fucking machine are far different.

Just buy a hismith or something.

if this signal is given to the power amplifier and from it to the motor gearbox? already 5-6 models work this way, any method is suitable for me, the main thing is that the signal comes from lovense, because It works with almost all webcam sites. help is ready to give big money for help

If you want something that emulates a lovense toy, trying to hijack the circuitry is not the way to do it. There are far easier methods.

If you’re interested in consulting on issues like this (which is what I’m translating the “big money for help” as), please feel free to message me privately to discuss more.

Goodboy, did you accomplished with the machine?