Lovense Hush Not Detected

I’m not having issues connecting the toy to the computer and using the Lovense software. My issue is getting the device to be recognized by Intiface. Any ideas?

If the Lovense app can see the device, then you must be using the Lovense usb adaptor. That adapter isn’t supported, so you’ll need to unplug it (even powered on, it’ll steal connections from real BLE adapters).

Make sure you have a generic BLE adapter and you’re running Win10.

I have a regular adapter, but how do I get it to connect to the PC? For example, when I connect my PS4 controller via bluetooth I have to press the Share and Power buttons together to get the controller to look for pairing with the PC.

My turn it on, and make sure nothing let tries to connect: zero security on these.

When the Buttplug client (e.g. or Scriptplayer, etc) asks Intiface to start scanning, it’ll discover the Hush.

Okay, I will try it now. Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: My computer has detected it successfully, but I’m having trouble getting the controller vibrations onto the buttplug. I linked it on Intiface already.
EDIT 2: It connects on the Intiface Tutorial thing, but not the Game Haptics Router software.