Manual control UI with patterns, etc

Seems like most of the work here is centered around gaming and video sync/control (which is certainly the coolest use!), but I’m curious if anyone has made a frontend that does live manual control, with patterns, etc. Similar to what most manufacturer provided apps offer.

I think it would be cool to provide a “single pane of glass” across multiple toys/manufacturers. And someone could conceivably build over-the-internet remote control features that many manufactures apps offer (although that could be a whole can of worms).

Does such a thing exist? Should I start toying around with creating it in my spare time?

So there’s, which is our test system. I built a simple teledildonics app that mimics it as part of my Teledildonics 101 workshop on Youtube (

Both of those apps are open source if you’d like to play with them, but also feel free to start something up yourself!